Mar 4, 2014So Faithful A Heart will be featured on the Indie Authors News website.

Jan 28, 2014Lynette will be a guest on Stillwater's channel 31 program, Morning Edition, hosted by Cristy Morrison. The program airs live at 7:00 a.m. with taped replays at 12:30 & 7:00 p.m. the same day. This will Ms. Erwin's second appearance on Morning Edition.

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So Faithful A Heart, Special Edition

Based on a true story, this two-book single volume spans the years of 1783 to 1817 and takes place in Western Europe, primarily in the cities of Vienna and London. It is the story of English soprano, Anna "Nancy" Storace who was Mozart's original Susanna in his famous comic opera, The Marriage of Figaro.

In January of 1783 a comic soprano sensation arrives in the Habsburg Empire capital city of Vienna as the Emperor's new prima buffa in his newly established Italian Opera. Nancy Storace captures the attention of Wolfgang Mozart who is newly married to his wife, Constanze, and is looking for a new singer to inspire an Italian comic opera that will make his reputation soar and make his fortune in the musical city. He is impressed and intrigued with the new English soprano and once the two meet, they are thrust into a relationship that soon develops into more than friendship or a close professional association. The two prodigies uncover a deep simpatico and despite Mozart's misgivings about taking a mistress, he finds Nancy irresistible and the two launch into a tumultuous love affair that is doomed to end in tragedy.

Book two opens in London in late 1791. Nancy has returned to London and is determined to win a commission for Mozart to come there and compose two Italian operas for the King's Theater in Covent Garden. Mozart dies unexpectedly before Nancy is successful in bringing him to London. Devastated by his death, she is determined that her love for him will live forever and continues to devote her life to bringing his music to London.

Book two is the continuing saga of the woman who Mozart vowed would own his heart forever, and the story of the man, English tenor John Braham, who tries to steal her heart from him. Set against the background of one of the most turbulent times in Western Europe, When Love Won't Die opens a window into the lives of some of the greatest and most colorful men and women in history including Napoleon, Admiral Lord Nelson, and his beautiful mistress, Lady Emma Hamilton.